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Rom J Leg Med27(4)405-410(2019)
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An analysis of the current state of health services in Romania

M. Alexandru, A. Baciu, A. T. Ispas,

Abstract: The general objective of this paper is to analyze from the sociological, legal and economic point of view the current state of health services in Romania, as well as to propose some innovative measures to improve them. Methods. The study was conducted at the national level, from September 2018 to July 2019 and was based on quantitative and qualitative research aimed at providing a global understanding of public and private health services at the national level, as well as the needs of change in the medical field. The questionnaire used included 28 questions, 68 semi-structured interviews were applied and 12 focus groups were organized. Results. In the field of legislation, it has been observed that the law is cumbersome, inconsistent and does not have an integrated character. The access of disadvantaged people to health services is unequal, due to the lack of adequate legislation to solve the health insurance problems for disadvantaged groups and other exposed categories. In the field of palliative care, it is necessary to supplement the legislation regarding the length of hospitalization that is correlated with the real needs of patients' care, as well as the completion of the list of diagnoses that can benefit from palliative care services. Regarding the problems faced by the medical service providers and the accessibility of the population to quality medical services, several problematic aspects were identified. Conclusions. For the patients from the rural areas to access the health services, it is necessary to make the community service system more efficient by developing Multifunctional Integrated Community Centers that provide integrated community services and use mobile medical technologies (screening, telemedicine, mobile blood donation centers). Community medico- social assistance can become an important component both for the health system and for the sustainable development of collaborative relationships between the public and the private sector.
Keywords: Informed consent, medical facilities, ethics, patient, healthcare professional.

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