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Rom J Leg Med27(4)395-398(2019)
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Providing medical personnel in public health services

I. Hurjui, M. C. Hurjui

Abstract: The identification of the actions regarding the shortage of medical personnel correlates with the legislation since 2014, but at the level of the Public Authority responsible for ensuring health, according to the National Health Strategy, there is no analysis of the health personnel, there are no defined strategies/plans for developing the health human resources in the health field, aiming at ensuring an equitable distribution of institutions and health personnel throughout the country, in order to avoid inequalities between rural and urban areas, with external and internal factors acting as barriers to patient access throughout the country, for all types of healthcare assistance.
Keywords: nation, health system, ensuring health, health expenses, health, medical services, health sustainability, health services, health personnel, good practice, specific actions, personnel deficit.

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