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Rom J Leg Med27(4)366-372(2019)
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Juvenile delinquency within the forensic context

C. Delcea, A. M. Fabian, C. C. Radu, D. P. Dumbravă

Abstract: Juvenile delinquency researchers have tried to determine the factors that lead to its occurrence, invoking various causes generating juvenile delinquency. Some emphasized biological determinism, others emphasized psychological particularities with the lack in communication, combined with substance or drug abuse [1, 2], while other researchers mentioned social issues with or without forensic implications [3-6]. In order for the preventive activity to be successful, criminal factors should be studied in detail. The results of these researches, as proving factors, would represent an important support in preventive activity triggering. The fundamental idea of the work was created in this respect. In this paper we would like to realize a complete portrait of risk factors in juvenile delinquency in the light recorded at the institute of forensic medicine. Total study sample consists of 60 (N=60) minor participants (classified in two major groups: the juvenile delinquent group consists of 30 (N=30) participants and control group consists of 30 minor participants (N=30). We used both quantitative and qualitative methods of research, among which we mention the following: analysis of documents (juvenile delinquents’ files); questionnaire-based inquiry (for juvenile delinquents and control group); unstructured, individual and group interview (with juvenile delinquents); structured group interview (with juvenile delinquents) and situational test applied to both control group and young delinquents group. The results of our research have drawn the juvenile delinquent profile, which indicates a boy aged 15-16, who comes from a family with a precarious, disorganized financial situation, with an inappropriate family climate, in which the minor no longer under the control of his parents; with poor school preparation (flourishing failures and dropouts); with pathological background and psychological deficiencies.
Keywords: factors of juvenile delinquency, forensic evaluation, delicts, risk situations, socialization, behavior disorders.

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