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Rom J Leg Med27(4)351-353(2019)
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Gastrointestinal causes of death in the elderly: underestimated or not?

T. Durmic, D. Alempijevic, Z. Mihailovic, M. Bogdanovic

Abstract: Gastrointestinal causes of sudden and unexpected death in the elderly represent significant problem concerning the fact that it may be present without observable symptoms and signs. Two cases of unexpected deaths due to small intestinal obstruction from adhesional hernias are reported. In both cases pre-existing dementia and Alzheimer s disease probably influenced communication ability, and type II diabetes with consequential autonomic neuropathy could affect visceral pain levels in these patients. These cases demonstrate two unrecognized intestinal herniation associated with fatal outcomes in the elderly. The underlying lethal gastrointestinal disease in both cases was only identified at autopsy.
Keywords: Elderly, intestinal obstruction, autopsy, sudden death.

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