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Rom J Leg Med27(4)335-339(2019)
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Chronic mercury intoxication by subcutaneuous self-injection and oral administration – case report

M. F. Popa, L. N. C. D. Radu, S. Deacu, S. Pricop, D. Tabarca

Abstract: Both chronic and acute mercury exposure represents a threat to public health. Mercury is generally used in several industrial areas to manufacture a variety of chemical products such as paint, explosives, batteries, thermometers, electronics, etc. Although the medico-legal practice rarely deals with this specific pathology, it is not to be taken lightly, in most cases being result of suicide attempts through self-injection and oral administration with systemic and local consequences – mercurism. We present the case of a 56-year-old male admitted to the hospital with signs of acute renal failure of unknown origin and severe metabolic acidosis. At the time of admission, there wasn t sufficient data pointing to a chronic mercury intoxication. This diagnosis was later suspected and ultimately confirmed by autopsy and laboratory results (toxicology and histopathology).
Keywords: chronic mercury intoxication, self-injection, renal manifestation, cutaneous manifestation.

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