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Rom J Leg Med27(3)285-291(2019)
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Narcissism and violence: criminological understanding from a homicide case of complete decapitation

G. Rocca, A. Bonsignore, I. Grattagliano, F. Caputo, F. Ventura, A. Verde

Abstract: Prompted by a particularly brutal case of homicide, in which the victim was completely decapitated, the authors provide some suggestions for reflection on the theme of narcissistic aggressiveness. Starting from the pathological-forensic analysis of the lesions inflicted, they then examine the role of narcissism from a criminological standpoint, with particular regard to threatened egotism and grandiosity as a trigger of murder. This point of view could help forensic pathologists to understand the psychological aspects of homicide cases.
Keywords: narcissism, aggressiveness, homicide, decapitation, threatened egotism, forensic pathology, forensic psychiatry.

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