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Rom J Leg Med27(3)272-278(2019)
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The uniqueness of human dentition – bitemarks

M. F. Popa, C. L. Ștefănescu, L. N. Cândea

Abstract: The essence of this study lies in emphasizing the critical role the unique human dentition plays when the identification of a person is needed. To this purpose, we build on the aforementioned premise, which in the past was quite controversial and debated. Our paper attempts to answer the following question: What proof do we have that the incisal surface of the frontal teeth is unique for each individual? Also, we wish to validate the practical and theoretical aspects of applying these particular dental characteristics to the medico-legal and justice system. The content of this paper is expected to argue the uniqueness of every dentition by using theoretical (based on previous studies/scientific literature) and practical methods rendered through precise measurements of the examined material along with submitting a new method of analysis based on three-dimensional scanning technology and CAD [Compuer Aided Design] processing. To this purpose, we deem useful to mention some basic stomatology notions regarding permanent dentition such as: distinct structural aspects (both physiological and pathological), the timetable and anomalies of odontogenesis and individual characteristics of the frontal teeth (superior/inferior), bearing in mind both stomatological and biotraceological methods of identification, based on the analysis of residual biological traces following a bite. This debate rests on specific results and conclusions originated from previous research, ultimately reaching a common ground. Integrating several classic methods alongside using digital technology are expected to offer precise identification data.
Keywords: odonto-stomatological identification, human bite, three-dimensional scanning.

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