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Rom J Leg Med27(3)242-246(2019)
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Asphyxial death related to sublingual hematoma after root canal intervention in a hemophilic patient - case report and literature review

I. Fulga, C. L. Musat, D. Vesa, A. Fulga, D. Firescu, C. C. Radu, D. B. Iliescu, D. P. Dumbrava, O. Chiroban

Abstract: In dental and oral medicine, the known complications of root canal interventions are usually minor, but severe complications can occur. The formation of hemorrhage can easily spread in the loose tissues of the floor of the mouth, the sublingual area and the space between the lingual muscles. In severe cases the appearance of large hematomas in the sublingual region can compromise the airway and lead to life-threatening situations. Hemophilia is a bleeding disorder that is known to produce sublingual hematomas, in spontaneous, traumatic or iatrogenic circumstances. The aim of this article is to describe a rare example of deadly choking caused by a sublingual hematoma after a non-surgical intervention of non-impacted teeth, occurred in a hemophilic patient and in the same time, to present the existing literature review connected to the subject. To our knowledge, this type of death has not been previously reported in the specialty literature.
Keywords: asphyxial death, root canal intervention, sublingual hematoma, hemophilia, forensic autopsy.

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