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Rom J Leg Med27(2)182-188(2019)
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Beck Depression Inventory in diabetes and other chronically ill patients, social, ethical and legal issues

R. Furau, A. R. Popa, C. Precup, I. R. Toma, C. Furau, M. Onel, E. D. Popovici, C. Marcean, L. E. Piros, C. F. Ifrim

Abstract: An onset depressive episode may develop at any moment during a person's life. European health care systems are not successful in averting depression’s disease burden through treatment alone. Preventing deppression might be key to sustaining and improving population health. The aim of this study is to highlight an ignored issue as depression is, in general subjects, aged 20-69, which were given to complete multiple-choice self-report Beck Depression Inventory. Responses (N= 873) were evaluated, by means of receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves, whether cognitive vulnerabilities (CV) exist, and independently to discriminate between subjects with different severities of depression. Not depressive or mild depression represent 77.32%. Moderate and severe depression reached 22.68%, without suicidal risc. The mean age was: without depression 34.69 years (Std. Dev. 7,846 ), mild depression 42.99 years (Std. Dev. 13,401), moderate and severe depression 51.58 years (Std. Dev. 11,894), respectively 62,27 years (Std. Dev. 5,151). The depression was statistically associated with chronic diseases, patients having higher scores (mean = 24.90 compared to 12.43 in healthy subjects). ROC curves indicate that in our region, as a peculiar cultural difference, components have to be monitored by the Romanian doctors were sadness (OR 13.39, P = 0.0001), feeling a failure (OR 42.93, P = 0.0104 ), difficulty with decisions (OR 94.08, P = 0.0014 ), irritability (OR 29.63, P = 0.0176) and libido (OR 89.45, P = 0.0001), but not pessimism, mainly in diabetic and hypertensive patients. Incidence of depression can be reduced by 15-35% when prevention is offered
Keywords: Beck Depression Inventory, chronical illness, age

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