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Rom J Leg Med27(2)167-171(2019)
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Forensic odonto-stomatology in Romania. A historical and conceptual outline

A. Kozma, H. Lăzărescu, A. Nistor

Abstract: Virgil-Tiberiu Dragomirescu (1934-2006), who led the Chair of Legal Medicine in Bucharest during 2001-2002, made contributions in forensic psychiatry and forensic odonto-stomatology. V.T. Dragomirescu contributions to odonto-stomatology in Romania helped to define this discipline as application of dental knowledge to those criminal and civil laws that are enforced by police agencies in the criminal justice system. It was underlined as part of the forensic identification of persons and the impressions left by them, by their own means or after death, through specific procedures or techniques. The following paper is dealing with his conceptual contributions in this specific field
Keywords: odonto-stomatology in Romania, forensic identification, thanatological findings, history.

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