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Rom J Leg Med27(2)136-141(2019)
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Dimensions of religiousness in determining the anthropological changes in the process of the toxi-addicted Person’s recovery

C. Necula, A. Baciu, A. Pungă

Abstract: This study aims to present a few aspects regarding the clinical experience in Romania, analyzed within some research accomplished inside of “The Blue Cross” Association (CARO), as well as the results of some studies based on the relationship between religiosity and drug use, starting from the idea that addict is a person whose all human rights should be respected and for who we need to try the most efficient methods of recovery and social reintroduction, including that through religion. The purpose of this qualitative study is to present the importance of every person in terms of respecting their religious belief in the recovery process, a basic principle in the ethical relationship between the therapist and the consumer, as well as to emphasize the necessity of the multidisciplinary intervention teams in the process of therapy and re-insertion of the addicted people into their family and society. The study methods are: direct observation, analysis of daily reports and of the dialogues with beneficiaries in the past 10 years, adding the analysis of the text revealing the influence of religiosity on drug use and recovery of addicted people. Following comments from the settlements active in CARO and the analysis of the studies’ results, it is concluded that religious people have a lower tendency to consume alcohol and other drugs and that strengthening the sense of belonging to a religious group secures the post-treatment behaviour, the developing of religious beliefs in the recovery process of addicts being a true method of therapeutic justice, which increases the chances of success.
Keywords: addiction, religiosity, recovery, multidisciplinary, therapeutic justice

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