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Rom J Leg Med27(1)78-82(2019)
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Ethical issues related to dental bleaching

I. M. Gheorghiu, P. Perlea, A. N. Temelcea

Abstract: In contemporary society, an attractive smile is associated with bright, light colored teeth and is almost a prerequisite in terms of social and professional integration. Dental bleaching is currently the most requested cosmetic procedure in the dental office, and can be a standalone procedure or included in a comprehensive plan for oral cavity rehabilitation. The substance of choice for tooth bleaching is hydrogen peroxide in different concentrations, depending on the bleaching technique used. However, the ethical issues that accompany dentist’s decision on this aesthetic procedure are complex and include establishing the real 'need' for dental bleaching and the objective presentation to the patient of the bleaching techniques, boundaries and predictable results. Also, for a successful outcome of the dental bleaching for both the patient and the physician, it is important that the latter informs the patient about the side effects, risks, costs, and short- or long-term effects. The professional decision must respect the fundamental principles of bioethics and ethics within the profession and ethical values must be those which prevails to the dentist, regardless of the financial temptations that any cosmetic dental technique may represent.
Keywords: Dental bleaching, aesthetic procedure, ethical considerations.

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