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Rom J Leg Med27(1)43-46(2019)
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Fetal death from ruptured vasa previa: a tragic event in the ultrasonographic era

A. Petca, R. C. Petca, M. Zvanca, N. Maru, B. Mastalier, C. Dogaroiu,

Abstract: Vasa praevia is rather an uncommon obstetrical diagnosis and defines that situation when fetal vessels run through fetal membranes, unprotected by placental tissue or umbilical cord. Presence of vasa previa frequently complicates with severe hemorrhage (blood lost from fetal circulation only), which explains the poor prognosis of these cases when they are not diagnosed antenatally. Advances in ultrasound have led to an improved ability to diagnose this condition as early as first trimester ultrasound screening (11 – 14 weeks gestation), or no later than second trimester ultrasound scan. Evaluation of any patient with colour flow Doppler ultrasound should be considered and should be included in the protocol for routine obstetrics scan, in order to safely deliver healthy babies.
Keywords: Vasa praevia, intrapartum bleeding, colour Doppler ultrasound scan, velamentous insertion of cord, failed screening.

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