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Rom J Leg Med27(1)38-42(2019)
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Sudden death of an infant with heterotaxy syndrome: an autopsy report

S. Takasu, S. Matsumoto, Y. Kanto, S. Kodama, K. Iwadate

Abstract: Heterotaxy syndrome (HS) is a rare disorder defined as an abnormality of the thoracoabdominal viscera across the left–right axis, causing high morbidity and mortality. In this case report, the patient was an 11-month-old female infant who was diagnosed at birth to have HS with a univentricular heart and pulmonary atresia. She had undergone the second stage of staging surgery for congenital heart disease 5 months before her death and was preparing at home, under nasal oxygen therapy, for the next surgery. The mother placed the infant on her bed in the prone position without a blanket, for sleeping. After 3 hours, the mother found her child in the same position, face down, unconscious, and not breathing; the infant experienced cardiopulmonary arrest when the ambulance arrived. The autopsy showed the HS to be right atrial isomerism, and asphyxia was observed in the findings. The autopsy results indicate the cause of death to be a combination of congenital heart disease and asphyxia caused by sleeping position.
Keywords: forensic, infant, heterotaxy syndrome, congenital heart disease, asphyxia.

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