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Rom J Leg Med26(4)453-456(2018)
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Population aging and the influence on healthcare spending

I. Hurjui, C. M. Hurjui

Abstract: Globally, there are studies showing that birth is in a free fall, the population of several states is reduced and we are witnessing a global phenomenon of aging population. Population aging may pose a risk to the sustainability of healthcare funding in two ways. First, increasing the longevity, without any improvement in health, leads to the increase of the demand for healthcare services for a long period of time, resulting in an increase in total healthcare spending over the course of life and overall, the increase in healthcare spending. It has often been said that new medical technologies have saved lives that could be curtailed due to fatal illness but which have been less successful in maintaining human health. Secondly, at the level of several EU Member States, the public healthcare system is largely funded by employees' social security contributions.
Keywords: aging, active population, birth rate, mortality, migration, medical care.

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