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Rom J Leg Med26(4)412-418(2018)
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Determination age and gender with developed a novel algorithm in image processing techniques by implementing to dental X-ray images

E. Avuçlu, F. Başçiftçi

Abstract: Age determination process is very important in legal medicine and forensic sciences. After a massive disaster or a legal situation, identification may be required. Age determination process is requested from the forensic medicine institute for live or dead body. In such cases, age determination process must be done correctly. In this study, a database was created with a total of 1313 panoramic dental images to determine age and gender. The images in this database are stored in different 6 folders (M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6) by preprocessing with image processing techniques. The calculation of the morphological properties of teeth in this folder (height, area, perimeter, similarity, center of gravity, radius of teeth) are stored separately in XML files (XML1, XML2, XML3, XML4, XML5, XML6). In order to obtain better results in determining age and gender, a novel and originally developed algorithm has been applied to the trapezoidal images in the database. Morphological measurement comparisons were made by testing the teeth with height, area, perimeter, radius, similarity ratio, center of gravity information separately. Thanks to the new and originally developed algorithms, the age determination process was performed with an error of +-1 years in general. In addition to the age determination process, gender determination was also performed. In this study, a multi-disciplinary study was performed to determine the age and gender from dental x-ray images.
Keywords: Age and gender determination, legal medicine, forensic sciences, image processing techniques, panoramic dental x-ray images.

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