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Rom J Leg Med26(4)397-402(2018)
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Accuracy level of Haavikko’s dental age estimation method in children: A systematic review and meta-analysis

M. Singh, J. Sehrawat, V. Sharma

Abstract: Aiming on the question: Whether it is possible to make reliable estimate from Haavikko’s dental age estimation method with accuracy in different population groups and how much it deviates from the chronological age in estimating age in children? A systematic literature search from databases ,references lists and manual search published up to august 2018 that estimated the dental age using the of Haavikko’s method (1974) using MeSH keywords were done. Finally 11 articles were accepted from screening process as relevant studies in order to meet the inclusion criteria followed in this qualitative analysis and 7 for quantitative analysis or meta-analysis. While assessing the effects of all included studies, the variations in the age estimates difference ranged from + 0.13 to -2.84 years and +0.12 to -2.96 years for males and females respectively . The age estimates difference for all included studies were evaluated as overestimated the results by -0.66 and -0.89 years for male and female respectively.
Keywords: Haavikko’s, meta-analysis, systematic review, estimating age, dental age.

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