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Rom J Leg Med26(4)349-353(2018)
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The medico-legal value of histopathological examination in hanging

D. P. Dumbravă, C. Rebeleanu, D. Ureche, O. Pop, D. B. Iliescu, C. C. Radu

Abstract: Asphyxia deaths due to constriction of neck is common in all parts of the world, prospective studies in different setups to examine the profile of neck structure injuries are needed to differentiate the suicidal or homicidal nature of such deaths with a greater certainty. The purpose of this paper is to establish the cause of death from the histopathological examination of the neck’s soft tissues, as well as ante mortem versus post-mortem aspects of such cases. The study is made on 66 hanging cases, for which medicolegal autopsies were conducted in the Departments of Forensic Medicine Bihor, Cluj and Bistrita-Nasaud in the period 01.01.2015 to 31.12.2015 to study the histopathological changes in neck structures. Results show the importance of the histological and immunohistochemistry , examination in these cases of mechanical asphyxia.
Keywords: asphyxia deaths, histopathological examination, hanging, IHC.

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