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Rom J Leg Med26(3)329-332(2018)
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Cremation in Greece nowadays. The legal framework. References to the past

F. Chatzinikolaou, K. Chatzinikolaou, A. Deliligka, T. Tsiapla, C. Muresan, A. Enache

Abstract: In order to understand the origin of the custom of cremation from ancient times, it is worth mentioning that in Greece it is testified during prehistoric times; however, it is greatly manifested at the beginning of historic times and then it coexists with the custom of burial. This paper records the basic data of the research history that signal the presence of the custom and the respective legislation for the application of this procedure nowadays by means of scouting the past of an indigenous nation which integrates elements and procedures of a more generic “becoming” through the course of time.
Keywords: cremation in Greece, burning, legislation, nowadays, in the past

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