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Rom J Leg Med26(2)206-208(2018)
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Suicide and blood types

V. Scripcaru, T. Iov, A. Knieling, S. M. David, C. C. Radu

Abstract: Sources of information abound in articles and studies more and less scientific on the correlation of blood types with certain diseases. In some countries like Japan, blood types have become a criterion for employment, and they are convinced of the importance of personality traits specific to each blood type. In this paper, we have tried to establish whether there is a correlation between blood types and suicidal predisposition. In a number of 677 suicide deaths from Iasi Institute of Forensic Medicine casuistry between 1996 and 2016, we found that there is a concordance between the proportion of blood types in the general population and their frequency in the cases of achieved suicide. Consequently, we can conclude that there are no objective elements to be able to assert that a certain blood type predisposes the individual to a suicidal act.
Keywords: suicide, blood types.

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