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Rom J Leg Med26(2)192-197(2018)
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Road Traffic Accidents – A study of orthopedic injuries consequences

M. Neagu, T. A. Stratulat, A. I. Neagu, I. D. Alexa, B. G. Ioan, O. Alexa

Abstract: A significant problem when studies focus on non-fatal accident information is that there is a weak correlation between the immediate assessment of the severity of an injury and the long-term consequences, and here we refer to the complications and their outcome, which are translated into disabilities. The objectives of the present study were to analyze the complications that occurred in the evolution of osteo-articular injuries produced in road traffic accidents, to identify the factors that influence their occurrence and to analyze the complications regarding severity. Out of a total of 446 cases, 93 (20.9%) had complications of osteo-articular injuries. The statistical analysis of factors correlated with the occurrence of complications of osteo-articular injuries produced in road traffic accidents revealed statistically significant correlations with: age, residence, AIS, pre-existing pathologies, impact velocity, difficulty of extracting the victim and the type of traveler involved. Knowing the consequences of orthopedic injuries produced in road traffic accidents is important for assessing the impact of them in the future.
Keywords: road traffic accidents, orthopedic injuries, complications, disability.

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