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Rom J Leg Med26(2)188-191(2018)
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Prevention of the medico-legal implications of surgical fire in laryngeal CO2 laser surgery

R. Hainăroșie, V. Zainea, A. M. P. Stoian, A. Rusescu, I. G. Ioniță, C. Pietroșanu, S. M. Pituru

Abstract: Introduction. The CO2 LASER surgery is a viable treatment option for laryngeal pathology. Although one can approach a wide range of laryngeal pathology the surgical indication should be carefully established taking into account the patient’s comorbidities, such as diabetes.
Material and method. We described an original experimental model created to evaluate the risks of fire associated with CO2 LASER surgery.
Results. We identified some caution measures that can reduce the risk of fire during laryngeal CO2 LASER surgery, and can minimise the extension of possible local lesions in case of surgical fire. Based on the results we have developed a surgical protocol that can be used in endoscopic laryngeal surgery with CO2 LASER assistance, and will prevent the surgical fire accident and the medicolegal implications.
Discussions. The safety of the patient and medical personnel is essential during every surgery. The safety measures should be known and applied by all medical personnel (ENT surgeon, anesthetist, and nurses).
Conclusion. To avoid accidents and medicolegal implications the working protocol with CO2 LASER, and the fire protocol should be known and promptly applied (when needed) by the members of the surgical team.
Keywords: CO2 LASER surgery, surgical fire, medico-legal implications.

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