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Rom J Leg Med26(2)173-182(2018)
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New psychoactive substances (NPSs) abuse in Romania: analytical strategies for drug screening in biological samples using high resolution mass spectrometry

C. L. ChiĆŁescu, A. D. Radu, F. Aciu, M. Moraru, I. Fulga,

Abstract: New psychoactive substances (NPSs) are rapidly spreading among Romanian youth, and toxicology laboratories are requested to identify such compounds in biological samples as blood, urine, or gastric content. In this work, LC-HRMS/MS technique represented by Q Exactive -Orbitrap was applied in addition to GC-MS, for the identification of the NPSs. Different extraction methods such as liquid-liquid extraction, solid phase extraction were applied to samples from deceased or living persons. The results were compared and discussed. Although the reference standards were not always available, the identification of the NPSs was successfully achieved, via LC- HRMS in both full scan and targeted ion fragmentation (t-MS2) modes using a predictive approach.
Keywords: forensic sciences, toxicology, new psychoactive substances, screening, HRMS, predictive approach.

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