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Rom J Leg Med26(2)167-172(2018)
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Postmortem RNA stability and availability of microRNAs in postmortem body fluids in forensic medicine

J. Y. Na, J. T. Park,

Abstract: MicroRNAs are expected to be useful in the field of forensic science, particularly in forensic medicine. However, forensic applications of microRNAs have been limited. The aim of our study was to evaluate the stability of RNA in postmortem body fluids and the potential utility of microRNAs in the field of forensic medicine.
We studied the RNA integrity and focused on the detection of microRNAs in postmortem fluids from autopsy samples. We collected five body fluids; cardiac and peripheral blood, pericardial fluid, vitreous humor, and urine from five individuals with different postmortem intervals, causes of death, and body exposure conditions.
Total RNA was successfully extracted, and its quantity and quality were assessed. The mean RNA integrity number obtained from the analyzed samples was 2.37. Electropherograms of the RNA in the postmortem body fluid samples showed pattern of degradation. Afterward, microRNAs were detected by quantitative real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction and microRNAs were successfully detected in the postmortem blood fluids.
This study suggests that microRNAs are detectable in postmortem body fluids and can be potential tools in forensic medical casework including postmortem diagnosis.
Keywords: Autopsy, Body fluids, RNA stability, MicroRNAs.

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