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Rom J Leg Med26(2)151-153(2018)
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Incidental finding of bifid cardiac apex in a case of sudden death due to sickle cell disease

K. Fragkouli, A. Mitselou, V. Boumba, T. Vougiouklakis,

Abstract: Bifid cardiac apex represents an infrequent anomaly within human anatomy. When encountered in clinical or forensic practice it has been commonly associated to other cardiovascular malformations. We report an autopsy case of bifid cardiac apex, which was an incidental discovery, in a 29-year-old African male who died suddenly. After histopathological examination death was ascribed to sickle cell crisis. A coronary anatomic variant was also noted. This case is highlighted as a rare representation of bifid cardiac apex and a review of the relevant literature is also presented.
Keywords: bifid cardiac apex, heart anomaly, sickle cell crisis, autopsy.

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