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Rom J Leg Med26(2)141-144(2018)
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Non-traumatic cervical hemorrhagic infiltration

T. Iov, D. Timofte, S. I. Damian, A. Knieling, C. Scripcaru, D. B. Iliescu

Abstract: The presence of traumatic cervical hemorrhagic infiltration is a known phenomenon associated with mechanical asphyxia through strangulation, stranglehold, postural asphyxia, hanging, drowning. Their presence as being of a pathological nature is a topic that is little approached, requiring special attention for the purpose of differentiation from the traumatic ones. The forensic importance lies in precisely establishing the mechanism of hemorrhagic infiltration, in order to exclude the reporting of false-positive situations of crime. In order to establish with certainty the mechanism of their occurrence, it is absolutely necessary to corroborate the survey data with macroscopic and microscopic anatomopathological data. In the paper we present a case in which the evidence of laterocervical hemorrhagic infiltrations could lead to advancing erroneous conclusions on the cause of death and the mechanism of their occurrence.
Keywords: hemorrhagic infiltration, non-traumatic hemorrhages.

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