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Rom J Leg Med26(1)56-61(2018)
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Estimation of age and sex from bimastoid breadth with 3D computed tomography

F. Buran, I. O. Can, O. Ekizoglu, A. Balci, H. Guleryuz

Abstract: One of the main steps of identification process defining the individual in forensic medicine practice is age and sex determination. The aim of this study is to investigate the possibility of age and sex determination through bimastoid breadth measurement in cases where the cranium can be reached. In the study, the bimastoid breadth measurements were evaluated for 300 male and 300 female cases in 20-50 age group whose cranial computed tomography images were taken. First, length measurement was made in coronal plane on three-dimensional reconstructed computed tomography images. Then, through the measurement of the same length in the axial plane and in two-dimensional coronal plane, the verification was made for the values obtained before. These measurements made were also verified with the same three-staged verification by radiodiagnostic specialist.
After determining exact measurement value, data was evaluated for the determination of sex differences. A statistically significant difference was detected for both sexes among the age groups in the study. Accuracy rates obtained by single discrimination analysis for the measured values were detected as 82.7% in females and 80% in males. A significant change was not detected in mastoid dimension with the advancing age on the examined population.
As a result, while the morphometric measurements of bimastoid breadth provide a high ratio of dimorphism for sex determination in the modern Turkish population, there is no significant dimorphism for age determination. The obtained data demonstrates the importance of modern radiological methods and anthropometric studies in presenting anthropological data for age and sex determination.
Keywords: identification, age estimation, sex estimation, mastoid, 3D computed tomography.

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