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Rom J Leg Med26(1)37-41(2018)
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Evaluation of sepsis mortality in children

M. Merișescu, G. Jugulete, A. E. Bastian, M. Luminos,

Abstract: Sepsis in children is a relatively frequent condition which can associate mortality, imposing a properly administered treatment and empiric antibiotic therapy until diagnosis is established. Due to their severe condition, patients diagnosed with sepsis require extended hospital admission which entails significant resource use, often resulting in multiple complications and sequelae, sometimes even death and rarely in complete cure. Given this context, substantial human and material assets have been invested in the discovery process of new diagnostic methods, more rapidly and efficiently.
The main objective was: identifying the clinical cases that meet sepsis criteria in children and evaluating the role and importance of modern diagnostic methods for the evolution and prognosis of paediatric sepsis. Another important objective is assessment of the mortality rate in patients under study.
In order to accomplish the scientific objectives, we deployed a clinical prospective study on the paediatric wards in the National Institute for Infectious Diseases “Prof. Dr. Matei Bals”, Bucharest, during January 2011- December 2015 (60 months). The study focused on patients admitted for various evolving forms of sepsis. 263 eligible patients were registered, of whom 57 diagnosed by molecular methods. We recorded 24 deaths.
We observed significant differences in patients diagnosed by molecular methods, for whom the number of admission days and implicitly associated costs decreased, as well as the number of days until the identification of the aetiological agent, specification of the molecular method and type of biologicalproduct under assay (molecular method is more permissive). In this context, the rate of mortality can decrease to a great extent.
Keywords: sepsis mortality, child.

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