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Rom J Leg Med16(2)128-133(2008)
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Body modification and their value in identifying victims from mass-disasters

D. Sirbu, A. Sirbu, N. Sirbu

Abstract: Body modification and their value in identifying victims from mass-disasters. Identification of the victims resulted from a disastre is a complex and difficult multidisciplinary process that can only be succesfull by folowing a strict preestablished plan. The standard citeria used in the identification process can be classified into primary, secondary and accesory. „ Body modification” is a term included in the secondary criteria group „Distinctive marks”. These are represented by deliberate altering of the human (body piercing, tattoos, scarification, subincision etc). The importance of body modification in identifying the victim arises from the fact that they are very personal and unique. They are very usefull for confirming the identity and in certain cases may represent the only criterion of identification.
Keywords: disaster, forensic identification, human remains, body modification

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