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Rom J Leg Med25(2)201-204(2017)
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Biochemical correction factors to estimation of post-mortem interval in vitreous humor

G. P. Bonete, I. Legaz, C. P. Martínez, M. D. P. Cárceles, A. Luna

Abstract: Vitreous humor is the matrix chosen on most occasions because it is less likely to be affected by postmortem changes. Potassium concentration is the common measurement of estimation time since death in vitreous humor, but there are another electrolytes concentrations are stable after death. The aim of this study was to analyze whether any of the components or characteristics of VH can be use as inner standard in a postmortem interval of less than 24 hours to accurately estimate the time of death in both natural and violent death. A total of 298 vitreous humor from 298 different cadavers (204 males, 94 females) with a mean age of 19.9 ± 13.31 (hours ± SD) and different causes of death (myocardial infarction, multiple injuries, suffocation or intoxication).The concentrations of potassium, phosphate, hypoxanthine, uric acid, microproteins, microalbumine, chloride, sodium were determined. After measurement, we observed that chloride, sodium, urea and osmotic pressure were independent of the PMI. Our results show that sodium concentration is the best inner standard to have a accurate estimation of post-mortem interval and it can give information about disturbed electrolyte homeostasis at the moment of death.
Keywords: forensic medicine, vitreous humor, inner standard, stable electrolytes, post-mortem interval.

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