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Rom J Leg Med25(2)174-179(2017)
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CBCT assessment of the frontal sinus volume and anatomical variations for sex determination

A. G. Benghiac, C. Budacu, M. Moscalu, B. G. Ioan, A. Moldovanu, D. Haba

Abstract: Objective. This research aimed at assessing the accuracy and reliability of the frontal sinus cone-beam computed tomography (FS CBCT) scans measurements for sex determination.
Material and methods. Thirty CBCT scans from Romanian adult patients aged 18-65 years old were analyzed with the aid of Romexis 4.4.0. (Planmeca, Helsinki, Finland). Measurements were performed using a 0.200 mm slice thickness for anatomical variations and the “ellipse” feature of the software for volumetric assessment of the frontal sinus.
Results. A correct sex prediction rate of 86.7% in females and 67% in males was registered based on volumetric measurements of the air space volume within the frontal bone. The anterior-posterior dimension of the anterior cortical of the FS can estimate the patient’s sex with accuracy up to 73.3%. Among the anatomical variations of the FS, prediction capacity was registered for the left unilateral hypopneumatization and right unilateral pluriseptate in males and the left unilateral pluriseptate FS in females.
Conclusion. The FS CBCT scan analysis constitutes a valuable resource for sex determination when measuring the volume, anatomical variations such as unilateral and bilateral hyper- and hypopneumatization, the presence of septa and the anterior-posterior dimension of the anterior right and left cortical of the frontal bone.
Keywords: CBCT, frontal sinus, anatomical variations, sex determination.

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