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Rom J Leg Med25(2)169-173(2017)
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A critical review of the practice of recommended forensic medical examiner in Romania for the last three years

D. P. Dumbravă, D. B. Iliescu, C. Scripcaru, C. Siserman, V. Hadareanu, O. Chiroban

Abstract: In Romania, the activity of recommended forensic medical examiners is growing, as more and more parties in a trial are turning to them, either directly or by means of their attorneys. In the activity of forensic medical examination performed within the Institute of Forensic Medicine of Cluj-Napoca, we have studied and analysed several forensic medical opinions performed by recommended examiners. The conclusion we have reached in some cases is that, for the purpose of favouring the party they are representing, recommended examiners do not guarantee the objectivity and the scientific basis for their expert opinions. From the cases at our disposal, we have synthetized several controversial aspects used by recommended examiners in order to favour their employers, in the detriment of finding the truth. These aspects can easily be disregarded by employers, attorneys or even by the courts of law. We take this opportunity to underline the necessity of an assessment framework and a stricter control of the activity of recommended examiners, otherwise the entire activity of forensic medical examination, both official and private, could be discredited.
Keywords: recommended forensic medical examiner, expert opinion, legal evidence.

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