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Rom J Leg Med16(2)117-122(2008)
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The usefulness of evaluating aesthetic prejudice with aesthetimetric scales

S. Stanculescu, S. Hostiuc, D. Dermengiu

Abstract: The usefulness of evaluating aesthetic prejudice with aesthetimetric scales. Although in medical-legal practice the quantification of an esthetic prejudice it’s often needed and there are more then one known and widely used international scales (of which best known are those made by Greff and Hodin) in Romania they are rarely used for various reasons (they are difficult to work with, they are supposedly decreasing the role of the forensic doctor by allowing anyone with access to the scales to quantify an esthetic prejudice, aren’t very good for lesions from other parts of the body, etc). We compared the results obtained from forensic evaluations with the ones obtained from a slightly modified Greff aesthetimetric scale. We have analyzed some parameters used in it – color, keloid/hypertrophic scars, location, etc. We also analyzed the role played by facial fractures in determining an esthetic prejudice (not quantified by Greff scale which only takes in consideration cutaneous scars; this parameter is used in Hodin scale, a more complete and complex scale). The results obtained are showing only minor differences between the use of the modified Greff scale and the ones from the forensic evaluations regarding the diagnosis of disfigurement.
Keywords: esthetic prejudice, modified Greff aesthetimetric scale, Hodin scale

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