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Rom J Leg Med25(1)37-40(2017)
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Insertion of foreign bodies in penis in the convict settlements environment

I. Brezean, D. Ferechide, M. O. D. Lupușoru, S. Petrea

Abstract: Inserting voluntarily foreign bodies (fb) in penis is used to allegedly improve male sexual performance, popular especially amongst people with low social and financial status. In the largest prison hospital in Romania, during 2003- 2010 we studied a total of 48 patients manifesting this pathology. Foreign bodies were represented by fragments of plastic, oily substances or a combination of the above. Insertion of oily substances leads to formation of nonspecific granulomatous lesions, named paraffinomas, often followed by complications. Foreign bodies are obviously inserted by non-medical staff that has no specialist training whatsoever, in highly improper conditions. Morbidity associated with this pathology is high, even after surgical procedure is performed, the only way of curing the condition being surgical excision of lesions.
Keywords: foreign bodies, penis, prison system.

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