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Rom J Leg Med16(2)103-108(2008)
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Statistical study of the pulmonary pathology in fire victims

H. Jung, D. Matei, L. Hecser, M.Bohnert, S. Pollak

Abstract: Statistical study of the pulmonary pathology in fire victims. The physiopathologic model of the pulmonary response to burn or combined burn- and smoke injuries implies high transpulmonary fluid flow, high pulmonary water content and low partial oxygen arterial pressure and inspired oxygen fraction ratio. Smoke inhalation associates up to 20-30% of the fire victims and it may determine direct epithelial injuries at all levels of the respiratory tract, including alveoli. We investigated lung weight and histopathologic injuries of the lung in 133 burn deceased victims, autopsied either in Freiburg or Tg. Mures, aiming to differentiate pulmonary pathologic features in connection with carboxyhemoglobine concentration, below 20% or above 50% respectively. Statistics of the left and right lung weight revealed no significant mean differences between the two groups, although in the high COHb concentration group we noticed a more narrow intercuartile range both in right and left lungs. Interstitial and alveolar edema were frequent in both groups (57 to 72%), while hemorrhage and smoke particles seem to be associated mostly with high COHb concentrations, possible due to a prolonged exposure to fire and smoke.
Keywords: fire victims, lung weight, pulmonary lesions

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