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Rom J Leg Med23(4)296-299(2015)
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Reconfiguration of anti-TB (MDR and XDR) budgetary allocations, in the context of following “Berlin Declaration”

I. Hurjui, I. Bostan

Abstract: In this paper we focus on the institutional area of fighting against TB in Romania, investigating mostly the issue of funding specific measures. In our approach we consider the context that followed the Berlin Declaration on Tuberculosis, analyzing the financial parameters of combating this disease in the European Union. We noticed that in the last 10 years the EU budgetary allocations summed up over 125 million euros, directed to research TB, comparing to almost 1 billiard euros for global fund of fight against HIV/AIDS and malaria. In Romania, the state of affairs related to TB is critical, as long as 25 000 of new cases of disease annually occur, and the number of deaths is of approximately 1 500 per year. That is why, for a more effective combat of this disease, a more adequate funding is necessary. In reality, on the grounds of an underfunding which has been dallying for several years (there is a need for 93 million USD for 4 years, but currently, the allocated budget is only ¼ of this level), introducing the methods of rapid detection of chimioresistance and providing a fair, complete and ongoing treatment of TB fails to happen.
Keywords: anti-TB institutional measures, strategies, funding programmes, difficulties/incoherence.

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