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Rom J Leg Med23(4)293-295(2015)
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Tethered digital photography with built in Wi-Fi memory cards brings benefits to the environment of an autopsy room

P. Hejna, M. Janík, P. Urbanová

Abstract: Forensic pathologists ought to take photographs of all important external and internal findings revealed at autopsy. Tethered photography offers a sophisticated strategy for direct visualization of captured images in an autopsy room, either wired or wirelessly, on larger screens (e.g., smartphones, tablets, monitors). It involves transmitting captured images from a digital camera to a computer or a mobile device, where the image files are saved to a hard drive and displayed on the device’s screen. We present a simple technique for tethered photography suitable for an autopsy room environment based on using memory cards that can create an ad hoc Wi-Fi network to which a preferred screen device can be then connected. Wireless transfer of image files according to their size showed delays of seconds. The maximum distance between a camera and a selected device for effective transmission of the image files was established as 20 meters.
Keywords: forensic pathology, autopsy, photography, photo-documentation, tethered photography, wireless fidelity.

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