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Rom J Leg Med23(4)279-284(2015)
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Registered cases of occupational n-hexane intoxication in Bucharest

M. Oțelea, C. Handra, A. Rașcu,

Abstract: The article presents the characteristics of 7 cases of chronic occupational n-hexane poisoning admitted in the Bucharest Clinic of Occupational Diseases in 2012-2013 from the clinical, biomarkers and evolution perspective in comparison with data from the scientific literature. The objective of the analysis was to identify the main characteristics of these cases. Results: All cases presented with peripheral and central nervous system symptoms. Delayed etiological diagnosis, long evolution and slow rehabilitation were the most important clinical findings. Transitory increase of inflammatory markers might be the expression of the oxidative mechanisms involved in the neurotoxic effect. Conclusions: The number of registered occupational n-hexane intoxication cases is low compared to other countries, most probably due to the lack of law compliance regarding toxic exposure declared by the employer, occupational medicine surveillance and toxicological control. Poor management of the occupational risk was the main cause of intoxication in these patients.
Keywords: n-hexane, occupational exposure, neurotoxic effects, inflammatory markers.

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