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Rom J Leg Med23(4)275-278(2015)
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Reliability of the frontal sinus index for sex determination using CBCT

A. G. Benghiac, B. A. Thiel, D. Haba

Abstract: This retrospective study aimed at assessing the reliability of morphometric measurements performed on the frontal sinus using the frontal sinus index (FSI) for sex determination on cranio-facial and sinuses CBCT scans. 77 CBCT explorations were performed by Planmeca 3D Mid (Planmeca, Helsinki, Finland) and Romexis 3.6 software (Planmeca, Helsinki, Finland) on adult individuals. The FSI was determined on mid-sagittal CBCT slices in all selected patients. FSI is somewhat predictive of gender. When the discriminant function predicting gender based on log2FSI was applied to a validation dataset, 92% of females were correctly classified but only half of males were correctly classified. Adding width, height and age variables did not significantly increase the ability to predict gender. The predictive value of FSI for determining gender may need to be supplemented with other information to achieve a high level of accuracy.
Keywords: CBCT, sex determination, frontal sinus, forensic dentistry.

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