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Rom J Leg Med23(4)269-274(2015)
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Placenta - the “black box” for the evolution of gestation and evidence in forensic expertise of pregnancy

P. R. Melinte, G. S. Dragoi, I. Dinca, E. Patrascu

Abstract: The authors highlight the informational value of placenta in the understanding of antepartum, intrapartum and postpartum pathology within the fetal-placenta-maternal biosystem. The study, conducted on 120 placentas, selected from 1450 term pregnancies, draw the attention over issues related to maternal, fetal and newborn pathology that undergo simultaneously with phenotype transformations of placental trophoblastic, vascular and fibrin structures. Macro- and microanatomic analysis was conducted on fetal-placenta and maternal-placenta circulatory systems in order to evaluate placental reaction synergisms in the presence of umbilical vascular thrombosis and/or massive intra- and perivillous fibrin substance deposition. Anatomic examination of placenta allows the understanding of physiopathological processes within the fetalplacenta- maternal system and provides objective evidences for forensic expertise in order to estimate the approximate age of local lesions, to assess perinatal asphyxia and neurocongenital development perturbations.
Keywords: placenta, phenotype transformations, trophoblast, fibrin, vascular thrombosis.

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