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Rom J Leg Med23(4)243-246(2015)
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A case of isolated ventricular septal rupture caused by blunt chest trauma

X. Chen, J. Zhang, Z. Deng, Y. Hou,

Abstract: Isolated traumatic rupture of the ventricular septum following blunt chest trauma is rare. We report the case of a patient who sustained blunt chest trauma in a motor vehicle collision. The isolated ventricular septal defect was not discovered by echocardiography until 12 days after accident. Perventricular closure of the defect was performed with occluder. The patient died from a complication of pulmonary aspergillosis. Autopsy findings supported the diagnosis of traumatic rupture of ventricular septum and substantiated a relation between ventricular septum rupture and the accident.
Keywords: ventricular septal rupture, blunt chest trauma, perventricular closure, autopsy.

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