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Rom J Leg Med23(3)227-232(2015)
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Variable space distribution of the structures forming the muscle and fascia system in the lumbar region of trunk. Implications in the biomechanics of trauma and legal medicine

I. N. Dinca, E. B. Dinca, M. Pasalega, T. Dumitrescu, G. S. Dragoi,

Abstract: The dissection of dorsal regions of trunk on embalmed cadavers, offered the authors the opportunity to point out the variable space distribution of the muscle and fascia structures in the lumbar region. The authors noticed the existence of a discrepancy between the classic descriptions and their personal observation and thus, consider that: 1. the muscle fascicles of the common sacral-lumbar muscle mass have a layer by layer lamellar space distribution with direct insertions on transverse processes and secondary insertions on spinous processes of vertebras; 2. fascia and aponeurosis structures that take part to the formation of regional osseous-fibrous comoartments converge to a “fascia knot” located at the lateral border of lumbar muscles together with the posterior aponeurosis of abdominal muscles and of latissimus dorsi muscle. Implications of lumbar muscle and fascia system in the static and biomechanics of trauma as well as forensic implications are discussed.
Keywords: trunk, fascia and muscle structures, biomechanics.

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