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Rom J Leg Med23(3)217-220(2015)
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Socio-demographic and economic characteristics of patients with psychiatric pathology and non-fatal suicidal behavior

A. M. Constantin, M. O. D. Lupusoru

Abstract: Suicidal behavior is an important clinical problem and a major cause of death in youth and adults. Consequently, there is a great interest in identifying risk factors and characteristics or personality traits of people with suicidal behavior in order to elaborate targeted preventing measures. In this context, the purpose of this research was to establish the socio-demographic and economic characteristics of patients with suicidal behaviour and mental disorders. We conducted a retrospective, observational study between January 1st 2010 and December 31st 2014. The statistical analyse revealed that more than half of total have an alcohol addiction, are unemployed, and have financial problems. The main psychiatric disorders which correlated with patient economic problems are major depression, bipolar disorder and anxious-depressive syndrome. Most suicide attempters were mature adults (45-54 years), followed by young adults (20-24 years). As a method of suicide, women choose mainly drug overdose ingestion, while men sharp object injury. It was also observed a seasonality of the suicide attempts.
Keywords: suicide, suicidal attempt, suicidal behavior, public health, psychiatry, mental disorder, anxiety-depression syndrome, major depression, bipolar disorder.

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