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Rom J Leg Med23(3)163-166(2015)
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Death due to electrocution during shower: one case report and brief review of the literature

X. Chen, Y. Liu, H. Qin, L. Zhang, H. Zhu, Y. Yang, P. Guan,

Abstract: Along with electric power becoming an essential part of industry and social environment, death due to electrical injury emerged as a considerable public health problem. And yet, it is still an uncommon cause of death. We report an electrocution case due to the improper use of an electric water heater to expose in order to show the potential hazards of electric water heaters as it is that are quite commonly used nowadays. This case report with respect to includes data from the scene investigation, and autopsy and findings, including microscopic toxicology analysis. We suggested preventive measures against electric injury to be carried out to the public. Finally, selected aspects of electric injury were reviewed with literature.
Keywords: electrocution; accidents; forensic pathology; electric water heater.

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