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Rom J Leg Med23(2)137-142(2015)
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Homicide and alcohol consumption. A medico-legal and psychiatric interdisciplinary approach. Multivariate analysis

D. I. Bulgaru, G. Costea, A. Scripcaru, A. M. Ciubara

Abstract: Alcohol-related disorder is defined as a cluster including behavioural changes and physical symptoms. The ICD-10-CM code includes alcohol intoxication, alcohol withdrawal and another alcohol-induced mental disorders. The most severe behavioural changes of alcohol-related disorders is represented by aggressive behaviour. The hereby study analyses how aggressiveness is manifested in murderers. This is a document-based retrospective study, regarding a batch of 185 murderers who have been subject to forensic psychiatric expertise for homicide. Many variables were analysed, with the study targeting a possible correlation between alcohol-related disorders and the features of a homicide (impulsive or elaborated homicide, homicide with/ without cruelty). Alcohol-related disorders were grouped into two categories: alcohol intoxication (classified as a “circumstance”) and the remaining psychiatric alcohol-related disorders (classified as “conditions”). The following have been considered: distress factors, social support (primary support included), co-morbidity with organic mental disorders, personality disorders, psychotic disorders and bipolar disorders. The analysis models were the following: Kendall bivariate correlation, cross-tabulation, cluster analysis and factorial analysis. The SPSS 16 software was used. The obtained results showed that, irrespective of whether the homicide was perpetrated strictly under the influence of alcohol (non-pathological use of alcohol or alcohol intoxication - “alcohol - circumstance”) or within a severe alcohol-related pathology (“alcohol - condition”), the mechanisms triggering homicide are similar, with co-factoriality being more important than psychiatric co-morbidity in orientation towards aggressiveness.
Keywords: alcohol – related disorders, homicide, circumstances, conditions.

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