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Rom J Leg Med23(2)91-94(2015)
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Are P-selectin and fibronectin truly useful for the vital reaction? Case presentation

C. O. Capatina, V. I. Chirica, E. Martius, O. M. Isaila, M. Ceau┼ču

Abstract: The vital reaction is a topic that has always been researched within the field of forensic medicine. The identification of markers that are useful in terms of sensitivity and specificity that would allow to differentiate between ante-mortem and post-mortem traumatic lesions is still a matter under discussion. Although in specialised literature the immunohistochemical determination of P-selectin and fibronectin with traumatic lesions is considered by some authors useful in assessing the vital aspect, other authors show the nuances of their role. We will present the case of a woman who, approximately one hour after time of death is called, suffers an accidental head wound. Given previous research of authors on vitality markers of wounds, we decided to study this lesion in terms of macroscopic, classical microscopy and immunohistochemistry regarding fibronectin and P-selectin.
Keywords: Fibronectin, P-Selectin, vital reaction

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