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Rom J Leg Med23(2)87-90(2015)
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Systemic embolism due to liver hydatic cyst: Case report

S. Pehlivan, R. Akcan, A. Lale, B. M. Unal, M. Yondem, A. Pehlivan

Abstract: Nonthrombotic pulmonary embolisms are rare unlike pulmonary thromboembolisms. Hydatid cyst related complications such as anaphylactic shock, infection, and embolism might cause sudden deaths. Hydatid pulmonary embolism is a rare entity usually caused by rupture of a cardiac or a hepatic hydatid cyst. On the other hand, venous and arterial embolisms due to cyst hydatid are extremely rare. Here, we report a case of systemic hydatid embolism secondary to rupture of a hydatid cyst.
A 17-year old male suddenly died following an immediate deterioration of health status. At autopsy, liver dissection revealed a ruptured haemorrhagic hydatid cyst. Vascular vesicle embolisms were observed in lungs, liver, hearth and kidneys.
Because of atypical clinical symptoms it is difficult to establish the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism of hydatid cyst. Histopathological examination plays a key role in establishing a definitive diagnosis for this cause of sudden death.
Keywords: non-thrombotic embolism, hydatid cyst, sudden death.

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