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Rom J Leg Med23(1)49-56(2015)
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Age estimation in subadults using teeth eruption examination

C. Dogaroiu, A. Cosma, E. V. Gherghe, G. Morosanu, M. Avramoiu

Abstract: In the recent decades, age estimation has become more and more challenging due to an increased migration in developed countries of persons who do not possess official documents to certify their chronological age therefore a scientifc age estimation is neccesary for various reasons (criminal, administrative or humanitarian).
Dental eruption assessed through visual examination of the oral cavity represents a fast, cheap and nonivasive method to determine dental age in subadults. The main goal of the study is to assess the correlation between the dental eruption age and chronological age. The eruption status was asssessed (separately for boys and girls) in 695 cases of subadults (1 – 17 years old) of known chronological age.
Using the Least Squares method, a regression analysis was performed and formulas for dental age estimation were obtained based on the teeth present at the time the examination was performed. Based on the LS (Least Squares) regression method, estimation equations were obtained. In most cases, the exclusion of the correlated factors led to a better fitted model.
Keywords: dental age, subadults, primary teeth, permanent teeth, estimation equations

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