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Rom J Leg Med23(1)1-4(2015)
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STRO-1 positive pulmonary valve stem cells: preliminary report

M. C. Rusu, S. Hostiuc, D. Dermengiu, M. I. Nicolescu, A. M. Jianu

Abstract: Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are defined by in vitro conditions which include their aherence to plastic. Stro-1 is one of the best known markers of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). The cardiac stem cells are known to reside in atrial and ventricular niches. However, valvular stem niches of the heart are often overlooked. Similarly, the expression of Stro-1 was not tested in cardiac valves. Thus we decided to perform a preliminary study on human samples to test whether or not in situ evidence supports the presence of a distinctive valvular stem niche. We used postmortem samples of pulmonary trunks and leaflets from donor cadavers (68-82 years old) without a cardiac cause of death. Within the pulmonary trunk wall the expression of Stro-1 was assessed in the vascular endothelial cells, including the vasa vasorum, vascular smooth muscle cells, and spindleshaped adventitial and intimal cells. Moreover, a distinctive subpopulation of Stro-1+ cells was found both in the arterial walls and the pulmonary valve leaflets, displaying frequently mitotic morphologies. These were considered, based upon their antigenic phenotype, stem cells. Further studies should attempt to better individualize the valvular stem niche of the heart and to evaluate whether these stem cells could preserve, as in other tissues, a post mortem viable status, in order to be tested in vitro for their clonogeneicity and phenotypes.
Keywords: cardiac stem cells, adult stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells, pulmonary valve, pulmonary trunk.

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