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Rom J Leg Med22(4)275-282(2014)
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Optimized morphologic evaluation of biostructures by examination in polarized light and differential interference contrast microscopy

E. Patrascu, P. R. Melinte, G. S. Dragoi,

Abstract: Differential interference contrast microscopy (DIC) was possible after the invention of Wollaston prisms that were modified by Nomarski and could duplicate linear polarized light before passing through a specimen (Condenser DIC prism) and to recompose it afterwards (Objective DIC prism), thus creating the phenomenon of interference that depends on the thickness and birefringence of the studied structures. The authors proposed themselves to discuss the performances of this microscope and to widen the area of its usage in the optimized microanatomic analysis of cells and tissues on the native or stained sections. The authors consider it necessary to use DIC microscopy both in forensic medicine (identification of diatoms) as well as in reproduction biology (spermogram) and in early discovery of uterine cervix cancer.
Keywords: DIC microscopy, Wollaston prism, Nomarski prism, polarized light, interference.

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